Okay, so summer officially started on 1st May, and I’ve done 4 tasks from my summer bucket list till now. I watched The Amazing Spider-Man (which was a great movie; Task #7), and I got wet in sprinklers (in the school field on the last day of school; Task #25), dip dyed my hair blue with chalk (which didn’t look that good, which means I’m not going to show the pics to anyone, like ever; Task #9), and made a heart bookmark (Task #24).


Saw it on Pinterest….


….& tried to make it.

About half of the list requires DIY-ing. That’s because I usually never come around to DIY-ing the DIYs I pin on Pinterest.

That was one weird sentence…

Anyways, this is Blog Post One for Task #20- 5 blog posts. And my first ever proper blog post. Yay! *Pat on back*

And, erm, I don’t really know how to end a blog post, so just basically, bye?

That will have to suffice. I’ll think of something awesome & creative later.



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