3 more tasks done from the Summer Bucket List

In the past week, I did 3 more items from my summer bucket list, two of them with my cousin AKA The Pancake Monarch (because she likes pancakes).

#21. Make a luxe headband.

I found this tutorial on Pinterest on how to make a luxe headband. Here it is-


Le tutorial

Painting the feathers was a nightmare. It isn’t as easy as it looks.


Da fedursss

The effort & the stained fingers were totally worth it though.

End product.

The final product.

I only used about 9 or 10 feathers at the most. I have no idea what I’ll do with the remaining 40 or something.

#19. Make pink lemonade.

I did this task with The Pancake Monarch. We grabbed a large bowl, lemon juice, sugar & water & I started making the lemonade while Pancake Monarch searched for the red food colouring (we didn’t have any pink food colouring). I was talking to her while absentmindedly pouring the lemon juice in the bowl. I didn’t realize that I had poured in the equivalent of about 11 lemons (I was supposed to pour in of about 3 or 4). I poured in the water without looking at how much juice I’d poured in, while Pancake Monarch finally found the food colouring. She put in 4 tablespoons of sugar in the bowl while I added the food colouring.

When we tasted it, well, you can imagine our faces. Pancake Monarch added lots of sugar- so much that we had to add more lemon juice after that.

Our magnifique lemonades

Our magnifique lemonades


#23. Pull an all nighter.

The Pancake Monarch & I did this task the same day we made the lemonade. Although Pancake Monarch fell asleep at around 3 am, I managed to stay awake till sunrise. All we did was eat cake, drink Coke, click cringe-worthy pics, & play UNO. After Pancake Monarch fell asleep, I listened to my still-under-construction summer playlist, watched 82DaysOfSummerDaze’s videos on YouTube (their blog posts/vlogs are awesome- I really don’t know how I didn’t know about their blog last summer), browsed Pinterest & painted my nails. After seeing the sunrise, I pretty much immediately fell asleep.

➳ ➳ ➳

Still haven’t thought about how to end blog posts,



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