Howdy! How’s everything going? 😀

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to camp 2 weeks ago for 6 days of non-stop awesomeness, after which normal life feels really bland 😦 I’m still trying to adjust.

The funny thing about this camp was that I was with my school friends (my best friend Cody wasn’t there, though), because this camp was organized by our school, plus there were kids from another school. We lived in tents, & there were 8 people allowed in each tent (but on the last day, we managed to have a sleepover in the tent I was in, so that night there were 15 people in our tent XD). It was freaking cold there during the morning & evening, but the afternoons were stifling.

And as for why we had a sleepover with almost double the amount of people allotted to each tent, it’s because, well, I feel kinda dumb saying this, but there were these stories going around at dinner that night that some evil spirit thing has been coming to the woods that were next to the row of our tents at exactly 2 am everyday, & he had this huge axe kind of thing with him, & once you saw him he would disappear within an instant. All of us were already extremely tired from the day’s activities, so none of us actually bothered to use our brains, believed the story, & got gigundo scared. So two of our friends (there were too many of us so we had to split up into seperate tents) decided to stay in our tent, then 4 of the girls from the other school came over too because their school’s kids were so freaked out that they had started making a huge deal out of it & called up their parents to pick them up & these girls got really irritated by that (not to mention it was scaring them too), plus one of our tent mates’ friend came over too.

In my Autumn Bucket List’14, there were 2 tasks that were to be completed at camp, which I managed to knock off the list, plus I did another task there too.

#29.Play a crazy prank at camp.

My friends & I played a bunch of idiotic pranks on each other all day, everyday, & none of them were really thaaat crazy, but I think that the one I’m counting for this task was quite memorable.

Basically what happened was that we all were returning to our tents one evening, & me & one of my friends (let’s call her, um, Sal for now because I really can’t think of an appropriate nickname for her right now) decided to put leaves (you know those little oval ones?) in another of our friends’ hoodie. So we gathered a handful of those leaves & sneaked up behind our friend just as we were reaching the tents & we slipped them into her hoodie, & she was like “Whaaa-?!” Naturally, my reaction was to yell out “Yay!” & jump with joy, but the thing is, I didn’t realize that I’m standing right under a tree that had really low (& thick) branches, so I ended up getting hit really hard on the top of my head & falling down. Right there on the ground. In front of everyone. Brilliant.

#28. Pull an all nighter at camp.

It wasn’t exactly an all nighter, but I’ll count it as one, because we really didn’t have it in us to stay up all night after a tiresome day of activities, & then be woken up at 4:30 am with our instructors running all around outside, heartily shouting “Wake up, everybody! Wake up!”

We just managed to stay up later than usual. So, yeah. And it was the same night as that Evil Spirit/Illegal Sleepover night. We stayed up talking about random stuff & eating cup noodles & stuff.

#27.  Accomplish something on my Life Bucket List.

At camp, we went zorbing (which is task #49 on my Life Bucket List)! Woohoo! It was one of the best parts of camp.

To be honest, I was terrified of going into a plastic ball & getting rolled around, & at one point I considered backing out of it, but then I realized that it would be utterly dumb, because, seriously, haven’t about a million people already done it? Exactly. Plus, I had my lucky socks on, so, yep.

I’m glad I didn’t back out, though. It was amazing, & according to me, it’s one of those things everyone should try at least once in their lives.

<< The photos are in my friend’s phone, so I’ll add them here once I get them from her! 🙂 >>

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