Being a Writer – Expectations vs. Reality (Part 1)

Being a writer is weird. Absolutely weird. And then there are some things that you expect will happen (or go a certain way), but they just don’t. Warning – It will probably seem a bit over-dramatized.


Expectation –

*types furiously*


*takes a sip of coffee*

*resumes typing furiously*

<< 2000 words later >>

“I really should write another 1000 words, and then I can take a little break!”

Reality –

*writes 20 words*

“Oh my, I’ve written so much! I think it’s time for a well deserved break!”

*goes on Pinterest for 4 hours*



*sits down with a steaming mug of black coffee*

*takes a small sip every so often*


*sits down with a mug of coffee, a mug of hot chocolate, a large pack of Oreos, whole stash of candy, & half a ton of chocolate cake*

*spends more time stuffing face with food than writing*




“…..and then comes scene 42, where everyone wakes up to the sound of a blast in the foyer of the mansion.  My MC rushes downstairs to check what happened. Then the next scene, where everyone is in the foyer & they discover that the blast was actually a gunshot & Colonel Moutard is on the floor with a bullet wound near his heart HAHAHA I AM SO EVIL. Then in the next scene….”


“What should happen next? Should I include a cliffhanger at the end of this chapter? I really think that it is a good time for a cup of coffee. I guess that after this scene Karla should tell the other characters about how she woke up to a message scrawled with blood on the floor. Should I really outline or simply start writing? OOH LOOK, A SQUIRREL! No, it was a mouse. A mouse is in the house? What is a mouse doing here? Wait, why is it coming near me?” *shrieks* “MUM! THERE’S A MOUSE NEAR MY FOOT! EEKS!”




*enters stationary shop*

“I need to buy a nice notebook & a good pen!”

*browses through the selection of notebooks* *picks one up*

“I think this is the one. I am going to buy this one. And now, onto the pen shopping.”

*ambles towards the section where pens are kept*

*checks out a few pens*

“I am going to buy this one. The colour is really nice, the flow is very smooth, & the grip is just plain perfect.”


*enters stationary shop*

“I need to buy a nice notebook & a good pen!”

*browses through the selection of notebooks* *picks up seven notebooks*

“I need this one because it is the perfect size for my purse, for when I need to write on the go. And this one’s cover is really cute. And this one is for my other purse, in case I am in a hurry one day & forget to keep a notebook, & inspiration strikes me suddenly. And I need one for my school bag too, so that I can write during substitution periods. And I need one for home. Plus, I also need one notebook which is for character profiles only. This adorable blue one will be perfect for that, because it has blank pages in between too, which means I can draw out my characters. Oh, & I need one to keep as a backup, just in case something happens to one of my other notebooks.”

*realizes that hands are too full*

To a shop assistant that is passing by: “Excuse me! Can I please have a basket to keep my stuff in?”

*shop assistant brings over a basket* *piles notebooks into it*

“And now, we commence the pen shopping!”

*shop assistant gives a weird look & scrambles away*

“I need a black pen for general writing. Ah! This one is perfect. Hmm, this purple one writes pretty well too. Perfect grip. I need to get this. And I think that I should get a highlighter too. Oh. My. God. This blue one…the ink…just…flows so easily! It would be a sin not to get this….”


And that’s it for Part 1! There’s going to be a Part 2, & probably a Part 3 too. And this whole, err, thing was actually written during NaNoWriMo as a form of procrastination, & it’s not edited, so I think that explains its awkwardness.

➽ ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽

Until next time!



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