My Summer Bucket list 2015 is up! ☼

I finally put it up on this blog. Woohoo. You can check it out here.

There are 66 items in total (I know that seems like a lot), & I plan on doing (or at least attempting) each & every one. No exceptions. The time is from May’15 to June’15.

And no, my summer break doesn’t start in the beginning of May. I just want to do some of the items with a friend who’s gonna come here in early May (she lives in another state; her grandparents live here), & task #14. Celebrate Cartoonist’s Day, must be done on 5th May.We’re not even going to do anything important in school after the first week of May.

Anyways, this summer, I plan on blogging every item properly, unlike last year. And not sleeping in until noon every single day.

And since there’s not anything else I’d like to say,

Adios! ✌☮


☼ ☼ ☼


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