16 Things to Do on the Last Day of School (Or, in the Last Week).

A few days ago, in a hella boring maths substitution, a few of my friends & I attempted to entertain ourselves. We want to have an amazing start-of-summer-break, & an epic end-of-daily-7-hour-torture, & since there’s less than 2 weeks of school left, we made a list of the things we’d like to do before the summer break begins.

Here it is, with a few things added here & there by me (& no, I won’t mention which ones I have added).
NOTE: Neon & Sodium are two of my friends in class (nickname history? A particularly boring chemistry lesson back in 9th grade).

  1. “Summer! Summer!” (Like in High School Musical 2)
  2. Huge water fight after the last bell rings.
  3. Photoshoot around the school campus.
  4. Ellen’s Dance Dare in class (attempt to record it).
  5. Ask a teacher whether we can go outside instead of sitting in class & studying.
  6. Pop in to say hello to an old teacher.
  7. Run through the sprinklers in the football field.
  8. Eat blue ice creams.
  9. Chalk hair in the school washroom.
  10. Graffiti each others’ hands.
  11. Celebrate birthdays of Sodium & Neon (cake-yum!).
  12. Trouble a classmate without getting caught.
  13. Write letters for each other. Give them before the last bell rings. Open the letters together after the summer break, when school starts. (Seal the letters. Whoever opens theirs before school reopens has to buy ice creams for all the others).
  14. Write all over the blackboard/whiteboard.
  15. Attempt to paint nails during class (whoever gets the most fingers done by the end of the period wins).
  16. Write “Pass this on to another fool, you fool!” on a slip of paper & hand it to a random person. Then sit back & enjoy. (We actually did this yesterday & it was hilarious. Whoever was the recipient took it with great curiosity, opened it up & laughed before passing it on to another person. However, it came to an end after about 2 minutes when one person got offended, ripped it up & threw it into the dustbin. So, if you attempt this, be cautious.)

P.S. Our school is usually pretty lenient during the last week, so we can probably get away with all this quite easily. But, if your school isn’t, then use your better judgement before trying any of these things.
➽ ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽

Getting excited for the summer,



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