Update on my summer so far.

Hello everybody! My summer break started a little less than a week ago, & I’ve started doing stuff from my summer bucket list.. I haven’t got to the interesting items yet as I’ve planned to do most of them with my friends or Pancake Monarch (she’s my cousin, you might have read about her in last year’s posts).

First of all, my friends & I haven’t been able to meet up properly since the summer break started, because our schedules clash. We’re working on that. Second, Pancake Monarch isn’t here yet (her school hasn’t closed yet). So….yeah. Sad.

I attempted to make fried ice cream, but it was a MAJOR FAIL. I’d wrapped up the ice cream in egg batter & cornflakes & put it into the freezer to set before frying. Then, a ginormous thunderstorm came, messed with the electric wires, & the power went out for about 5 hours. Obviously, the ice cream melted. I’m still wondering what to do with the mixture of vanilla ice cream, eggs & cornflakes. Hmm.

Expect a post about the completed items sometime later in this week.

Ciao for now 🙂



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