I cut a foot & a half of my hair to donate.

<<I wrote this post on 25th December and forgot to post it but anyway here it is now.>>

Hello humans.

I’m back to this blog after a long unexplained hiatus.

Le explanation: Basically, school sucks.

As seen in the title of this post, I cut off 18 inches of my hair a week ago. I’m donating it for cancer.
Yes, I had a blue streak. I experimented with hair dye on more than a few occasions in the past months. A post on that later.

This is how my hair was. #NotSorry for hiding my face before posting this picture.

Back view ft. my mum’s jacket

Anyways, before cutting off my hair, the longest strands (there were a lot of them even though I had long layers; I have hair thick enough to cover two human heads) came all the way down my back. Now, I have a lob. Or, like, it’s more of an assymetrical bob – short at the back and longer in the front. I dyed most of the blue to black so that it would be able to be used for making wigs for patients. I still have remains of what used to be the blue-turquoise streak in the corners of the front long strands in the right, & it looks, to put it prescisely, groovy. Seriously, my hair is giving hella 60’s vibes when I style it how the hairdresser did it. Very Scarlet Overkill from Minions.

What it looks like now. The flash was too bright hence the weird highlights and shadows.

When I first started properly compiling (as in actually writing down) my life’s bucket list (it’s even a page on this blog, you can view it here), which was 4 years ago, one of the first things I wrote down was “Donate my hair.” Back then I’d only recently found out that you can actually do something like that. That was when I actually started growing out my hair properly.

So, precisely 7 days ago, I accomplished this. And I’m hella happy. I’d originally planned to cut 12 inches, since that’s the minimum length for donating & I was unhealthily attached to my long hair, but cutting an extra 6 inches – that was a split second decision I made when I sat down on the chair at the hairdresser’s. I think it was the biggest split-second decision I ever made so far (I’m still young don’t judge me).
Now for the sentimental-ish part – I was extremely attached to my hair. It was my crutch in disguise. I often used to hide behind it. I even clutched it when I was nervous.
Now that I don’t have a huge mass of keratin (lol I try to be so cool sometimes – keratin, seriously?), I’ve realized, it’s not  that big of a deal. It’s just hair. Literally, just a whole lot of keratin. It has no power to define a person. It’ll grow back. Cutting off this bunch of hair didn’t impact my life drastically, but it will impact the life of the recipient positively. And I’m very happy about that.

Also (this might sound shallow but I’m a teenager, sue me), never have so many people told me that they’re proud of me. Though more than a few friends are moping over the loss of le great hair. I think they were more attached to it than I was, to be honest. Okay, & I did kinda hit a genetic lottery with my hair because it’s hella thick, straight & resilient to bad hair days (literally the only good physical feature I got lol). But still, it’ll grow back soon enough so no big deal. And most people I know think my new hair looks great (I don’t know if they’re saying it to make me happy but okay never mind).

Personally? I’m happy I did it. IT’S EXTREMELY LIBERATING, 10/10 doctors would recommend it.

With that final note, I take my leave, dear readers. (Ha why on earth am I such a thespian?)


Until next time,

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