Senior Year Sunday : The Tale of a Confused 12th Grader

Hello beautiful humans! As I always say, I’m back after a hiatus! 12th grade has been really busy, what with college decisions, applications, & too much physics homework. And tests.



Of course, I am excited to finally get out of school, but with only a few months left, it’s like, “Wait, what am I supposed to do after this? Where’s the script?” And I’ve been going to school for the past 14 years, and it’s all I’ve ever known to do!

I’ve stayed in the same place, the same house, my whole life, and I don’t know what is out there in the world, and I’m supposed to decide what I want to do with my life for the next 40 years. How amazing.

So far, I have thought about going into design or architecture, because (I think) I want to become an art director. All I know is that ultimately I want to end up becoming a writer, preferably with Lonely Planet.

I’m going to go with the flow for now, and hope that I get into a college I like.

Moving on, I am kind of sad about school ending. In a few months, we won’t look distastefully at our uniforms in the mirror & dash out of our houses in the mornings. We won’t walk into a building with people we’ve known since we were toddlers.We’re going to have our last school lunch.

It is almost time that we walk out of the school doors for the last time. We’re going to say goodbye and promise to fifty people to stay in touch, and end up keeping that promise only to a select handful.

We’ll probably not remember each other 10 years from now, until we stumble upon the odd photograph or so, and I guess that’s when we’ll truly appreciate the place where we made a million memories with the people who were the world to us.

On the other hand, I’m glad organic chemistry is going to be out of my life forever.

Until next time,


(I apologize for the awkwardness of this post.)

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