About Me

This is the blog of Briar Eden.

Basically, she’s a 5′ 5″, pathetic writer who is alright at painting & loves to read. She tries to be funny, but always fails miserably. She likes clothes, & one of her favourite pass times is styling people, be it friends, family, strangers, or even herself, all in her head. She also has an obsession with interior designing, & she has designed about 15 dream houses for herself in her head. She hopes to work as either 1)a personal stylist for a celebrity, 2) an interior designer, 3) an animator at Disney, 4) a travel photographer, 5) the editor of ELLE, or  6) a freelance writer for a travel or fashion magazine.

She is crazy about Disney movies & chick flicks. She loves pizza & anything sweet (besides coffee, she hates coffee with sugar). She is obsessed with collecting quotes & making bucket lists. Her biggest fear is growing up, & she hisses(sizzles) when she goes out into the sunlight (& then her friends have to remind her that she’s a human, not Mavis Dracula from Hotel Transylvania). She reads Elle & Reader’s Digest regularly, besides any other magazines she can get her hands on. She is devoted to stalking One Direction. Her favourite colour is turquoise (oh, & coral too). She is a glasses girl. She is sometimes a complete introvert, other times a complete extrovert. There’s no in between.

Oh, &, did I mention that she likes talking about herself in 3rd person?

Bragging Rights-

  • NaNoWriMo’12
  • NaNoWriMo’13
  • NaNoWriMo’14

Find her on-
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/briareden
Instagram: http://instagram.com/allthatrandomosity/
Polyvore: http://briareden.polyvore.com/
We Heart it: http://weheartit.com/briareden

Her other blog-




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