Autumn Bucket List ’14

30th September 2014 – 10th November 2014

29th September 2014 – 30th November 2014

  1. Make an autumn playlist.
  2. Make some butterbeer.
  3. Carve a pumpkin.
  4. Bake a pumpkin pie/ Bake an apple pie.
  5. Make an autumn themed painting.
  6. Decorate my room.
  7. Make a homemade pumpkin spice latte.
  8. Post an autumn OOTD picture.
  9. Customize a sleep mask.
  10. Autumn Manicure+Pedicure.
  11. Revamp thooooose jeans (the ones that I want to distress).
  12. Finalize Winter Bucket List’14.  (Go see the page!)
  13. Decorate a ceramic mug for use during NaNoWriMo.
  14. Participate in NaNoWriMo.
  15. Dye hair.
  16. Make some apple cinnamon rings.
  17. Make an autumn scented candle.
  18. Watch a horror movie.
  19. Watch a Halloween movie.
  20. Cuddle up with a book & coffee.
  21. Get a super cute beanie.
  22. Take a picture of the great autumn-y outdoors.
  23. Make my blog look autumn-y.
  24. Autumn themed scrapbook page.
  25. Complete the Harry Potter scrapbook page.
  26. Go to a fair.
  27. Accomplish something on my Life Bucket List.
  28. Pull an all nighter at camp.       <<Cancelled due to technical difficulties>>
  29. Play a crazy prank at camp.      <<Cancelled due to technical difficulties>>
  30. Go book shopping.
  31. Leave a note in a book at a bookstore.
  32. Make a Book Bucket List.
  33. Make a Movie Bucket List.
  34. Read a good mystery novel.
  35. Have a bonfire.
  36. Make a leaf crown.



(These photos do not belong to me.)

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