Spring Bucket List 2015

  1. Walk barefoot on grass.
  2. Bake something.
  3. Climb a tree. (Je suis un singe!)
  4. Watch movies all day.
  5. Paint something with pastel colours. >>>changed to Make a #Jelsa drawing.
  6. Floral mani & pedi.
  7. Play in the rain.
  8. Grow some bell peppers.
  9. Make a sketching time lapse video.
  10. Finalize Summer Bucket List’15. (coming soon!)
  11. Pastel themed scrapbook page.
  12. Complete remaining scrapbook pages.
  13. Make some knuckle rings.
  14. Sew something.
  15. Make it all the way across the monkey bars.
  16. Write a short story.
  17. Update my Life Bucket List.

One thought on “Spring Bucket List 2015

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