Summer Bucket List 2015

Another summer of bucket-listing. Yay!

Tell me – what’s on your summer to-do list? 😀


The handwritten version of the list.

Time : May’15- June’15

  1. HSM Marathon.
  2. Paint balloon darts.
  3. Balloon Pong.
  4. Go bowling.
  5. Complete Summer Homework.
  6. Make a summer playlist.
  7. Pull an all-nighter.
  8. Jump into a pool fully clothed.
  9. Learn something new.
  10. Indestructible bubbles.
  11. Make a new friend.
  12. Build a sandcastle.
  13. Breakfast at midnight.
  14. Celebrate Cartoonists’ Day (5th May).
  15. Make purple pancakes.
  16. Order pizza for breakfast.
  17. Eat a cake without hands.
  18. Make homemade ice cream.
  19. Make a fabulous cake.
  20. Photo booth!
  21. Tie dye.
  22. Make melted crayon art.
  23. Fireflies in a jar.
  24. Make a lyric drawing.
  25. New manicure every week.
  26. Decorate a pair of sunglasses.
  27. Redo my room.
  28. Get a tan line.
  29. Swim at night.
  30. Make a music video.
  31. Take lots of pictures.
  32. Ellen’s Dance Dare.
  33. Chug from a bottle of Coke.
  34. Ding Dong Ditch.
  35. Read HP in French. (attempted)
  36. Go pottering.
  37. Outdoor tic tac toe.
  38. Talk to a stranger for 5 minutes.
  39. Dress up for no reason.
  40. Wear pink every Wednesday.
  41. Photobomb.
  42. Take random webcam pictures at the mall.
  43. Make a flash tattoo.
  44. Eye bomb.
  45. Grow a plant.
  46. Cross monkey bars.
  47. Find a hideout.
  48. Make pina coladas.
  49. Have a pet rock.
  50. Put Mentos in Coke.
  51. Customize a pair of shoes.
  52. Carve initials into a tree.
  53. Write something.
  54. See the sunrise.
  55. See the sunset.
  56. Glow in the dark bubbles.
  57. Try fried ice cream. (attempted)
  58. Make coca cola lip balm.
  59. Downpour party.
  60. Make a washer necklace that I wear the whole summer break.
  61. Play something with a BIG group of people.
  62. Make some sun tea.
  63. Doodle documentation.
  64. Go bicycling.
  65. Get someone’s life story.
  66. Try spaghetti tacos.

A lot of my inspiration for this year’s list came from 82daysofsummerdaze (go & check them out!) & Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List 2015

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