Summer Bucket List’14

Time: 1st May 2k14 – 15th July 2k14

1. Get a tan tattoo.
2. Make so many bracelets they go up each arm.
3. Write a song.
4. Make a piece of clothing.
5. HP. Movie. Marathon. 24 hour.
6. Make a time capsule.
7. Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
8. Ellen’s Dance Dare.
9. Dip Dye hair.
10. Karaoke.
11. Doodle on a pair of white shoes.
12. Make a dream catcher.
13. Get an official new friend.
14. Write a short story.
15. Pick an official summer anthem.
16. Go a day without technology.
17.Make a scrapbook.
18. Play with chalk.
19. Make pink lemonade.
20. 5 blog posts. (Blog post 1) (Blog Post 2) (Blog Post 3) (Blog Post 4) (Blog post 5)
21. Make a luxe headband.
22. Set a dandelion on fire.
23. Pull an all nighter.
24. Make a heart bookmark.
25. Get wet in sprinklers.
26. Doodle on self.
27. Take lots of pictures.
28. Make watermelon cupcakes.
29. Build a blanket fort.
30. Make Brownie in a Mug.
31. Try to finish Mario Forever.
32. Try fried Oreos.
33. Carve a watermelon.
34. Make a summer playlist.
35. Make pizza from scratch.

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