Winter Bucket List’14

Time: 20th December 2014 – 19th January 2015

  1. Do winter break homework.
  2. Make a winter playlist.
  3. Make some brownies.
  4. Winter scrapbook page.
  5. Make a painting involving the moon.
  6. Make paper snowflakes.
  7. Make a snow globe.
  8. Complete an old, abandoned painting.
  9. Make that Taylor Swift quote sketch.
  10. Play with snowy play dough. >>>changed to Make something with salt dough.
  11. Make a sketching video.
  12. Take an OOTD pic.
  13. Leave a note in a book at a bookstore.
  14. Medieval themed dress up!
  15. Watch a Christmas movie.
  16. Watch an old movie like Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Cleopatra or something.
  17. Winter Mani + Pedi.
  18. Order pizza early morning from that new restaurant.
  19. Make a winter/Christmas/New year’s slam with friends.
  20. Cook something really awesome.
  21. Make a lyric painting.
  22. Complete my vision board.
  23. Have an indoor campout.
  24. Cluedo night.
  25. Make New Year’s resolutions.
  26. Finalize Spring Bucket List’15. (Go check it out!)
  27. Popcorn garlands!



(These photos do not belong to me.)


2 thoughts on “Winter Bucket List’14

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