All About 2015

2015 is almost over. WHATTTTTTTTTT.
This year was pretty amusing, to say the least. Here’s to the memories made & lessons learned! *insert Coke because still underage for champagne yo*

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My Summer Bucket list 2015 is up! ☼

I finally put it up on this blog. Woohoo. You can check it out here.

There are 66 items in total (I know that seems like a lot), & I plan on doing (or at least attempting) each & every one. No exceptions. The time is from May’15 to June’15.

And no, my summer break doesn’t start in the beginning of May. I just want to do some of the items with a friend who’s gonna come here in early May (she lives in another state; her grandparents live here), & task #14. Celebrate Cartoonist’s Day, must be done on 5th May.We’re not even going to do anything important in school after the first week of May.

Anyways, this summer, I plan on blogging every item properly, unlike last year. And not sleeping in until noon every single day.

And since there’s not anything else I’d like to say,

Adios! ✌☮


☼ ☼ ☼

I’m back! + Spring Bucket List’15

I’m back on! Yay! I’m officially free (for a few days) now, and to celebrate, I went to the local amusement park with a few of my friends, & I ended up getting injured. And no, it wasn’t because I fell off a ride & lived to tell the tale or something epic like that. Not at all.

You see, the park was surprisingly not crowded at all, & you know how they build snake-like railings at the entrance of each ride to control the super-long waiting lines? Yeah, so due to the lack of people there were no waiting lines, so we started climbing over the railings because we’re too impatient to actually walk like humans, & my shoe got stuck. And I don’t think I need to say what happened next. So here I am, sitting with a sprained leg, & typing this blog post XD

Anyways, this freedom also means…..a spring bucket list.

Yep, I’m not kidding. I’m going to do most of these things at my grandpa’s house, as I’m going to stay there for about a week.

My Spring Bucket List’15

  1. Walk barefoot on grass.
  2. Bake something.
  3. Climb a tree. (Je suis un singe!)
  4. Watch movies all day.
  5. Paint something with pastel colours.
  6. Floral mani & pedi.
  7. Play in the rain.
  8. Grow some bell peppers.
  9. Make a sketching time lapse video.
  10. Finalize Summer Bucket List’15.
  11. Pastel themed scrapbook page.
  12. Complete remaining scrapbook pages.
  13. Make some knuckle rings.
  14. Sew something.
  15. Make it all the way across the monkey bars.
  16. Write a short story.
  17. Update my Life Bucket List.

I’ll update about the progress in a week, I guess.

➽ ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽



EDIT: The list has been tweaked a little. You can find the new list here.

Short Story Challenge

Happy 2015, everybody! 😀 I found out from Anna Lee about a 24 hour short story writing challenge on Liam Wood’s blog, so here’s my attempt!

Warning: Unedited, can have grammatical errors, & is definitely chock full of clichés. Character names not thought out. And last thing- the plot wasn’t thought out. At all. So I basically started writing without a plan & went where the story seemed to take me.


I couldn’t sleep. Even after a long, tiring day of classes and all the drama that had gone down during lunch, I couldn’t sleep. This managed to amuse me, but nothing could prepare me for all the amusement that was heading my way that night (or, should I say, morning, considering that it was almost 1 am).

I climbed out of bed & instantly groaned as my feet hit the floor, sending a stabbing pain through my right calf & knee. I mentally cursed myself for what felt like the billionth time for not having walked away from the scene in the cafeteria without managing to hit my right leg on a nearby chair (although I don’t think that making a graceful exit would’ve helped my case much, since I’d already supposedly messed up enough, but at least my leg wouldn’t have been hurting). Continue reading

My Resolutions for 2015

The title is pretty self-explanatory, I think. These are my resolutions for 2015, along with a tiny explanation of each.

#1. Blog more.

Hmm…you know. I would just like to blog a bit more & about stuff other than my bucket list adventures (Huh?Adventures?Seriously?) & the collages that I keep making.

#2. Get a Wreck This Journal (& complete it).

I keep seeing Wreck This Journals popping up everywhere (errr…Pinterest & Polyvore, actually) & I think they’re pretty rad. I really want to try it out, so that sums up the reason for making this kinda-weird resolution.

#3. Become organized.

My folders, my desk, my wardrobe, my notebooks, everything- literally everything – always looks like a storm has just passed through it. And it has started to bug me, so getting organized sounds like the best solution right now.

#4. Get awesome grades.

Self-explanatory. Who doesn’t want great grades?

#5. Make an effort to talk to new people.

Because in 2014, I realized that not everyone around is as bad as I make them out to be.

I might post an update in (around) June or July of how I’m doing with these resolutions.

See ya guys in 2015! HAPPY NEW YEAR!




How are you doing with coming up with resolutions?

(Almost) All About 2014

2014 was a weird year for me, in both a good way & a bad way. And I don’t know whether you can tell or not, but I just learned that I suck at writing end-of-the-year posts (as this is my first one ever ha XD).
I don’t exactly know what I should write in this post, so I’ll just list my top 5 books, top 5 movies, top 5 new obsessions, & top 5 songs of this year, & end with what I expect from 2015.
Top 5 Books (in no particular order)

  •  The Fault In Our Stars
  • The Percy Jackson Series
  • Threads
  • The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic
  • Living High School to the Fullest (Wattpad book)

Top 5 Movies

  • Mockingjay Part I
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Andrewww *swoon*)
  • Interstellar
  • Monsters University (Yes I watched it in 2014 XD And I LOVED it.)
  • Frozen (I watched this quite late too…and then I wondered why I hadn’t gone to watch it 2 months earlier while it was still in theatres :/ )


Top 5 New Obsessions (in no particular order)

  • Bucket Lists
  • Youtubers // Blogs
  • Everything Percy Jackson
  • Pastel Colours
  • Lame Jokes


Top 5 Songs (in no particular order)

  • Stockholm Syndrome by One Direction (actually, the whole Four album heehee :D)
  • Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi
  • Don’t Stop by 5SOS
  • Masterpiece Theatre I by Marianas Trench
  • Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low
  • All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran
  • Boom Clap by Charli XCX
  • All of the Lights by Kanye West
  • Live My Life by Far East Movement
  • My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy

What I expect from 2015

I don’t exactly know what to expect from 2015. I just want it to be crazy, unpredictable & awesome. You know, the usual 😀

➽ ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽

Getting excited for the new year ahead,


Question – Have you made any new years’ resolutions yet?