More from the S.B.L.’15

Hey everyone! Here are some of the remaining bucket list items which I attempted (yes, yes, I know – this post is hella late).

Oh, & this may be obvious, but I’m kinda rushing through this post.

#19.Make a fabulous cake.

It looked better before I stuck it into the refrigerator. Seriously.




#24.Make a lyric drawing.

I’m a bit in love with this song. And I’m really proud of that door in the corner, I don’t know why.

DSC01306 (1)

#55.See the sunset.

I don’t have any words for this.



#44. Eye bomb.



Pine-ing after you.


Bear-y funny.


I SEE your mischief.


#49.Have a pet rock.

I painted a stone. It was rock-ing. (Pun might’ve been intended.)



I did some other list items too, but I don’t have any pictures for them, so I’ll just summarise them.

#64.Go bicycling.

I did this with two of my friends. It was all fun & games until my friend’s bicycle broke down in the middle of a road. What even.

#56.Glow in the dark bubbles.

This was a Pinterest fail. Nothing – literally nothing – happened. I poured the glow stick solution into the bubble mix & blowed some bubbles, but they were just ordinary ones. They didn’t glow. Sad.

#34.Ding Dong Ditch.

This was kinda fun. I was walking around the neighbourhood with my friends & out of nowhere we decided to attempt this. Heeheehee.

I won’t be on much in the coming few months, so I’ve scheduled a bunch of posts. I’ll try to come on a few times though, to check the comments & stuff. So comment, my adorable pommes de terre! 😉

Until next time,

Knuckle rings, #Jelsa & planning for summer break.

Howdy! In the past two weeks, I did some stuff from my Spring Bucket List’15, & most of my time was spent on working on my summer bucket list. Oh, & YouTube. And Pinterest. Lots & lots of Pinterest.

Anyways, moving onto the stuff I’ve done…

#6. Floral Mani & Pedi.

Err….it’s not even remotely floral, as you can see. Hehe.


Nails & rings.

#13. Make some knuckle rings.

I think these turned out pretty well. Woohoo.

(see above for pic)

#7. Play in the rain.

Did this last week. Accidentally, I might add. I was at the park with my friend when it started drizzling, & then full on raining.

Obviously, I didn’t take any pictures. Didn’t want to ruin my phone.

#10. Finalize Summer Bucket List’15.

It’s bigger, & better than last year. If you follow me on Instagram (my username’s allthatrandomosity), you might have seen a snippet of it. I’ll be doing the items on it from May, all through June.Well over 60 items XD I can’t fit any more items onto the sheet (yeah, I have more ideas). Hee.

I’ll be posting it on this blog sometime around mid-April, so stay tuned.



#5. Make a #Jelsa drawing.


I saw a fan art on Pinterest, & I decided to attempt to recreate it.

It's still incomplete, but yeah.

It’s still incomplete, but yeah.

#2. Bake something.

Striped blue cupcakes, yay! Even though I got distracted while adding sugar & ended up with an unbalanced batter, they turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself 😉


I’m pretty sure I used a pizza tray.

My hand looks weird.

My hand looks weird.

➽ ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽

Until next time 🙂


Brewing with Briar (Ep.2) – Brownies! (From Winter Bucket List’14)

Heya everybody! Today we’re making……brownies! (Err, the title of this post gave it away though, didn’t it? :/ )

And yes, this was a task on my Winter Bucket List’14 – #3. Make some brownies.

Stuff you’ll need

  • 1 ½ cups sugar
  • 1 ½ cups flour
  • ½ cup cocoa powder (unsweetened)
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • ½ cup milk
  • A dash of baking powder

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