It’s finally autumn here! + Updates on Autumn B.L.



Okay, now see- 1) That camp got postponed. It’s in December now. 2)I made the notes to leave in the books, but I chickened out at the bookstore at the last moment. One of the employees was watching me suspiciously. 3) I’m currently in the midst of decorating my room. I posted a pic on Instagram, if you want to check it out. It’s a DIY’d poster (My username is briareden allthatrandomosity). 4)My autumn break ended last week & I have been really busy with school for the past 8 days. In my autumn break, I, despite being burdened with my birthday and cleaning & organizing my room, managed to complete a few tasks.

#16. Make some apple cinnamon rings.

Oh. My. God. They were so delicious. If you haven’t tried this recipe, then you haven’t lived.


After being fried.


Yum yum

#1. Make an autumn playlist.

Not many songs, but yeah-

  • Fireproof -1D
  • Steal My Girl -1D
  • Caffeine – Toni & Ash
  • Vanilla Twilight (Instrumental Remix)
  • Shake it Off – Taylor Swift
  • 212 – Azealia Banks
  • Good Girls are Bad Girls – 5SOS
  • Love is an Open Door – Frozen
  • Make You Believe – Lucy Hale
  • Run This Town – Lucy Hale
  • Salute vs. Bo$$ (Mashup) – earlvin14
  • Vanilla Twilight – Owl City
  • All of the Lights – Kanye West
  • Bop to the Top – HSM
  • My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark- Fall OWut Boy
  • What I’ve Been Looking For – HSM
  • Breaking Free- HSM
  • Problem – Ariana Grande ft. Iggy Azalea
  • Out of the Woods – Taylor Swift

#20. Cuddle up with a book & coffee.

Yeahhhh…nothing to write, really.

#26. Go to a fair.

I did this twice – two different fairs. I bought the mugs for NaNo at one of them. Other things in What I Did-

1) I ate pasta.

2)I had some ice cream.


#30. Go book shopping.

I bought a bunch of books from different shops-

  • Paper Towns
  • Looking for Alaska
  • Threads
  • Bloomability
  • How to Get From Where You Are to Where Want to Be
  • The Maze Runner
  • Shopaholic Abroad
  •  The Lost World
  • Goosebumps (I don’t remember the name! 😦 )

#32. Make a Book Bucket List.

About 1/4 of these books are books that I already own, or have read halfway through. The rest of them are those that I can’t manage to find ANYWHERE.

#33.Make a Movie Bucket List.

I have just one thing to say – it’s pretty long.

➽ ➽ ➽ ➽ ➽

Sorry about the boring post,



He wanted to say hi


More stuff on my Autumn Bucket List

Hey hey! How’s everyone?

I’m so excited for the Paper Towns movie (because Nat & Cara) & the album Four! Anyone else?

Anyways, I’m changing the dates for the Autumn Bucket List. It’s 29th September’14 – 14th November’14. It’s because I realized I’m getting free on the 29th, plus I think our school is taking us for camping in November.

Also, I added a few more things to my Autumn Bucket List-

26.Go to a fair.

27.Accomplish something on my Life Bucket List.

28.Pull an all nighter at camp.

29.Play a crazy prank at camp.

30.Go book shopping.

31.Leave a note in a book at a bookstore.

32.Make a Book Bucket List.

33.Make a Movie Bucket List.

34.Read a good mystery novel.

35.Have a bonfire.

36.Make a leaf crown.

By the way, what are your favourite Halloween  movies? I really need some ideas!

baby fennec fox

Idk why I put this here it’s just really adorable